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Author Topic: S02E06 - Hunter or Hunted  (Read 22267 times)

Re: S02E06 - Hunter or Hunted
« Reply #440 on: January 08, 2018, 06:41:36 PM »
Alyssa leaned back with her arms folded and lips pursed. She had known that this ship operated at some level of danger - it was no pleasure cruiser, that was sure - but hearing about Nikola Kang and seeing the damage that had been done on her behalf to the ship and outpost made her rather nervous.

She nodded as the Captain gave her her assignment. Putting together the list he wanted shouldn't be too difficult. It would take no more than half a day to go through everything.

She didn't have anything worth saying at the moment. She kept her eyes on Tarantino for his reaction.

Re: S02E06 - Hunter or Hunted

Re: S02E06 - Hunter or Hunted
« Reply #441 on: January 08, 2018, 07:22:56 PM »
Tarantino, who had shuffled into the ops room shortly after Alyssa has grown progressively more and more pale over the course of the captain's breakdown of what to expect and what they where planning to do. He shuffles up next to his doctor friend and leans over to whisper a worried sounding "Are you sure this is where we want to be?" To her, trying to keep his voice low enough for only her to hear it, Tarantino wasn't exactly a trained voice actor or ventriloquist though so sharp enough ears might still be able to pick up his admission of uncertainty.

"These guys seem kinda shady" He would continue to whisper, glancing around the room at his present company "And the captain a moment ago was talking about criminals and gangs and fighting" He adds, pausing a moment to shudder "He seemed quite speccifically sure that he feels like we'll be fighting at some point, do we really want to be getting into fights?" He asks his friend, he hadn't really taken Allysa for the brawly type!

Re: S02E06 - Hunter or Hunted

Re: S02E06 - Hunter or Hunted
« Reply #442 on: January 08, 2018, 10:12:57 PM »

Monty listened closely to the captain and the situation surrounding Ronin. Normally the mechanic wasn't one to run toward danger, but jobs were hard to come by....especially good ones like this. So danger be damned he was in up to the hilt. His ears perked up when Lin spoke directly to him...

"As for specifics for the ship ... Monty, as I said earlier, I have welded plates on the roof of the ship to seal up a couple of holes and reinforce her. We can check those in the morning. There are still some spare parts we need to focus on getting plus her thrusters working which includes a power problem. I figure we have a day, two at the most, of fuel left which should be enough to get us to Deja Thoris on the other side of Greenleaf. But I want us capable of surviving the Black before we lift off of here. I know some basic mechanic and electrical maintenance but tab who you need to help move supplies."

"Sounds good to me Cap'n....I've run some diagnostics already and have some leads on that power issue. Ronin will be ready,
 no doubt."

Re: S02E06 - Hunter or Hunted

Re: S02E06 - Hunter or Hunted
« Reply #443 on: January 11, 2018, 01:37:57 AM »
Helena listened intently, her brow furrowed, as Lin spoke.  She had heard about Nikola, most people who had some kind of criminal past knew about Nikola. It certainly explained Vega's overall disposition and what happened to Lin's old crew. She let out a slow breath after Lin had finished and looked at him.

"Color me impressed." She looked over at Ian and shook her head "You lost Glory?"
Helena grinned, obviously she was joking, but all the same, that was a great ship. "I can help out Vega, guns and I tend to get along real well...and I've always liked a bit of chaos." She was looking at Lin now, alluding to her previous conversation with him. 


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