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Cornucopia IC / Re: A Place to Call Home: Beylix, United Reclamation
« Last post by Freya on Today at 07:38:30 AM »
”…Be cool when you do. Just mark what he looks like and where he goes."

Freya’s brows furrowed from her spot beneath the mule and she wiggled around in an attempt to get out. Once she was free, the girl cleared her throat and crossed her arms over her chest, “Cool,” she murmured, trying to imagine what that looked like. Awkwardly uncrossing her arms, she then set one hand behind her, wanting to put it on the mule and lean back nonchalantly. Of course, she missed and slipped a little, which she tried to turn into some ‘I was actually trying to run a hand through my hair and totally meant to do that’ sort of motion. In the end, she just ended up looking far more out of place and uncomfortable than any semblance of ‘cool.’ Not to mention she was covered in the dirt, grime, and residual oil from being underneath the mule.
Mischief IC / Re: S02E01 - Hunting Gryphons - Day 4 - Gathering the Crew
« Last post by Andes Maley on January 14, 2018, 09:03:02 AM »
"Right this way then." Andes motioned for her to follow him. "I'm sure you remember Mischief from your last visit. I really don't know how things work on the boat but I am happy to make a story if you want one." He lead her up the catwalks and into the mess where the crew was waiting. "And here we are."
Cornucopia IC / Re: A Place to Call Home: Beylix, United Reclamation
« Last post by dannyness on January 12, 2018, 08:08:35 PM »
(Changed due to screwing up other players plans)

For those who never called her home, she was a pretty mundane ship with a pretty mundane history. No war heroics. No glorious adventures. Just pick up the shipping crates. Deliver the shipping crates. Repeat ad nauseum.

But she'd provided a good home and income for many over the years. People were people aboard her. People had fallen in love aboard her more than once. Babies were conceived and even birthed on her decks. People fought against each other aboard her, much like she herself fought against gravity. People embraced each other aboard her much like her two prongs embraced her payload crates.

But circumstances now found her lifted by crane high above a United Reclamation salvage dump on Beylix being carried to a place where it would hopefully be well nestled before being found by those who saw her value.

"Uh...boss? Over."

"Go ahead, Chang. Have you moved that old Asteroid-09, yet? Over."

"Not yet, boss. Could you check the index again? Over."

"Why? My instructions were very clear. Put the ship where I told you and move on to the next one. Over."

"It's just that there's already a ship where you want me to put it. Over."

"Impossible. Over."

"I'm looking right at it, boss. Over."

"Impossible, Chang. If we'd already put a ship there, I would know about it. Over."

"Yeah, but somebody could have parked one there without authorization. Like hiding a needle in a haystack. Anyway, I'm telling you there's a ship right where you want me to drop this thing. Over."

"Alright, Chang. I'm checking the index now and I can verify that there is no ship at that location. We don't have time for this. You have your instructions. Over."

"(Sigh) You're the boss, boss. Over."


Dr. Trent Nguyen instinctively held up his hands when confronted by the imposing figure of Abigail Archer.

"Can we help you?"

Yes, my name is Dr. Trent Nguyen. You seem to know what you're looking for in a ship, which means you know more than I do including, hopefully, how to fly one. I'm hoping to either buy a ship of my own or hire one for a matter of life or death...is what he WOULD have said had he not been trying to keep his bowels from evacuating. Instead, it came out as a "Merp!"

"Oh hello there!" Jax offered as he stepped in front of Abigail. "Easy there" He whispered to her. "Maybe you can assist us....looking for an old transport.....grayish worn metal coloring with the name Wushu marked on the port side hull?" Jax put on his most friendly face.

The kinder approach had the desired effect on the doctor. "Umm...actually, yes! Isn't that it right over there?

He pointed to an old mid-size transport matching Jax's description exactly.

For those who called her home, Wushu was far from mundane. She'd seen her share of action and adventure...and survived. She'd been home to both the wealthy and the poor. The (comparatively) honest...and the villainous. Dreams had been born aboard her and dreams had been crushed...

...Crushed just like Wushu herself as a salvage yard worker named Chang put his finger on the release switch to send the Asteroid-09 plummeting towards her to make her an interstellar pancake topped with-

Gah! "What is it, boss! Over."

"I got a note here. Yeah. Turns out there IS a ship already there. Huh. You didn't put that Asteroid-09 on top of it, did you? That really would have screwed up someone's plans. Over."

"Seriously! Nope, I didn't crush it or anything. Was just about to, though. Over."

Instead, the Asteroid-09 was safely eased down next to the Wushu, causing no additional harm to either ship, but blocking the Wushu from Nguyen's, Abigail's, and Jax's view.

"Oop!" said the doctor. "I mean it's right behind that other ship there."
Mischief OOC / Re: General Chit Chat
« Last post by Rolemancer on January 12, 2018, 03:03:15 AM »
Sorry for the delay. :/
Mischief IC / Re: S02E01 - Hunting Gryphons - Day 4 - Gathering the Crew
« Last post by Tara Marx on January 12, 2018, 02:59:20 AM »
Tara waited patiently at the foot of the ramp, her duffel dropped at her feet. She could hear someone working their way down through the ship, the sound of boots on metal planking echoing was easy to hear.

"Welcome back! Seems like a year since we did this before. At least this time you didnt find me nappin' on the job." Throwing a thumb over his shoulder indicating the way, "The crew were just in the middle of a meetin' in the mess. The boss asks that you join us and say a few words." He waved her over before stopping. "Beg your pardon. I forgot about your bag. Mind if I help you?" Pointing to the old duffel.

"Ah yes Mister Maley, good to see you awake." She flashed him a wink. "It has been a long couple of days for sure but I think we've made some good progress." Andes mentioned speaking with the crew and that Tara was expected to chime in. Well the sooner the better... she thought. "Okay then, lead the way Mister Malay." She was about to grab the duffel when he offered to help. Tara snatched it up and slung the strap over her shoulder. "Thanks but I have it....lead on."

Cornucopia IC / Re: A Place to Call Home: Beylix, United Reclamation
« Last post by Jax on January 12, 2018, 02:35:22 AM »
Jax was hard pressed on the look out for any glaring signs of his old ship. As always, Abigail the attentive one, first noticed they had company.

"Can we help you?" She stood her legs shoulder width distance apart her fingers drumming on the butt of her gun, almost asking him to make a move.

Jax spun around to see just what she had found and seeing Abigail had taken up a defensive stance he quickly interjected. "Oh hello there!" Jax offered as he stepped in front of Abigail. "Easy there" He whispered to her. "Maybe you can assist us....looking for an old transport.....grayish worn metal coloring with the name Wushu marked on the port side hull?" Jax put on his most friendly face.
Cornucopia IC / Re: A Place to Call Home: Beylix, United Reclamation
« Last post by Izak Archer on January 11, 2018, 03:22:24 AM »
"Christ is smells in here...must have been a repo...no time for them to clean the fridge I suppose," he said rubbing his eyes. At least it faded by the time he had reached the cockpit. Getting in though would be an interesting task, as the sliding door was open only about a third of the way. Sliding his tools into the cockpit first, he followed them through sidestepping, grunting, and pushing himself in. All he'd really need were spare parts, but he may have trouble getting them all out.

"Well Izak, it’s time for you to get to work," he said to himself as he dropped on a knee and began digging through his tools. Unscrewing every panel in the space, and prying open others, looking for very specific, delicate parts. Better still, the entire memory banks of a navigation system. Fortunately for him, this one was not hardwired into the ship’s hardware, but a set of separate processors and boards grafted and slotted into the existing system. That meant it was definitely after-market, and definitely good for them. Better still, it probably still had some navigation data stored on it. He’d just have to get it running.

After pulling each part out individually and stacking them neatly in his tool kit, he moved on to the next part…figuring out how they interfaced into the bridge computer and existing navigation system. He continued pulling panels off of the walls and consoles until he was able to map the wiring and trace it back to the core components of the navigation computer, and the connectors that held it in place were in really good shape. Removing this unit, he then noticed something odd. It was stamped with a military emblem.

“Well, well,” he said handling the piece of metal, “I wonder what stories you can tell me.” He added it to the rest of the stockpile he was making. Was everything on this ship after market? And how did they get it?

He keyed his communicator. “Found some good navigation equipment in the freighter I’m in. It’s all after-market though…and some of it looks like military, probably not surplus. You may want to send someone over to look at the engines F-Word.”
Cornucopia IC / Re: A Place to Call Home: Beylix, United Reclamation
« Last post by Abigail on January 11, 2018, 02:48:08 AM »
Well I remember right where I parked Wushu, and I'm sure Quaid wouldn't have moved her himself.....so if we're lucky." Jax turned to her and smiled..."Fingers crossed." A large weathered whitish colored ship loomed next in there path. "We're getting close."

Abigail grinned back at Jax and shook her head. She had never seen Wushu but had heard plenty.  The moment of jovial relaxation however didn't last long.  A conspicuous 'gentleman' began to follow them, with purpose it had seemed. Abigail rested her hand on her side arm in no mood to get a gun fight started and turned around to stare at the man.

"Can we help you?" She stood her legs should with distance apart her fingers drumming on the butt of her gun, almost asking him to make a move.
Ronin IC / Re: S02E06 - Hunter or Hunted
« Last post by Helena on January 11, 2018, 01:37:57 AM »
Helena listened intently, her brow furrowed, as Lin spoke.  She had heard about Nikola, most people who had some kind of criminal past knew about Nikola. It certainly explained Vega's overall disposition and what happened to Lin's old crew. She let out a slow breath after Lin had finished and looked at him.

"Color me impressed." She looked over at Ian and shook her head "You lost Glory?"
Helena grinned, obviously she was joking, but all the same, that was a great ship. "I can help out Vega, guns and I tend to get along real well...and I've always liked a bit of chaos." She was looking at Lin now, alluding to her previous conversation with him. 
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